Our Heritage

Allow happiness to step in your life

Juku Dzirnavas* Manor is located on the Juku lake in the very heart of Kurzeme, 25 km north of Saldus. The mill, which has been reconstructed to the Guest House, was built in 1922 by Arnold Julius Jakubovskis, the son of a Latvian officer.

"The mill has a fascinating history. The Jakubovskis family archive contains evidence of how carefully Arnold had been choosing a place in the west of Latvia for his family estate. Arnold built a mill, and soon he had to leave Latvia and relocate to Germany, where he met his wife and found happiness and success. During the Soviet period, the estate was nationalized, and a sanatorium was built next to the mill: Latvian doctors appreciated the local healthy air and visitors appreciated the serene environment. In 1993, Arnold's daughter was able to return the family estate: it was during this period in Latvia - after the collapse of the Soviet Union - that the property was returned to the previous owners. Since then, the owners of the estate have been protecting and improving the manor. "

Before his death, Arnold wrote in his diary: “Buying land in the Latvian countryside and construction of the mill prepared me for a new step in life. I did not expect that after leaving my home, I would find happiness so soon - I would meet the love of my love and create a family. The mill has always remained in my heart as the "Mill of Changes". I sincerely wish that everyone who visits these lands will be blessed with happy changes!”

"The new owners of the manor honor Arnold's wish and carefully look after the premises. The mill is one of the main wonders of Latvia: it is surrounded by ancient shamanic paths and magical places associated with ancient Latvian legends. Juku Dzirnavas inspires creativity, fantasies, building new plans and taking important decisions."

*Juku Dzirnavas (literal translation from Latvian - "Mill of Change")