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Russian bath

Pirts2 Bath house


Pirts Bath house

Russian bath (banya) with a terrace on the bank of the lake

Relax in the moist steam of the Russian bath, use an oak or birch switch and dive into the cool lake water. Get rid of your stress and tiredness, enjoy medicinal herbal tea and restore your strength.

Russian Bath will relieve your stress and fatigue, but after water treatments you can enjoy the salubrious herbal tea and recuperate (recover strength).

Bath’ equipment

Russian bath is located on the bank of the pure lake. There is a wooden terrace, grill, next to the baths there is a specially equipped beach.

Inside – a spacious restroom, audio and video equipment. In our Russian baths we can arrange accommodation for four persons.

Arranging the banquets

The baths’ area is well equipped for holding banquets for groups up to 15 persons.

Sauna with a fireplace

Is there Balt, who doesn’t like sauna? At your disposal a sauna with a fireplace and terrace. However, the Japanese baths Ofuro nowadays have fans too. As early as in the times of samurai they looked for the unity of three elements: the soul, the body and the nature. A simple wooden barrel filled with very hot water helped them with that. You have the opportunity to enjoy it at our place.

Sauna equipment

Hall with a fireplace, large terrace, wooden tables and chairs. It is possible to organize accommodation for four persons.

Place for banquets

In fireplace hall of the sauna is possible to hold banquets for groups up to 15 persons. We take care of refreshments and the program of your event.