Camping lots

Summer cottages

Kemp Camping

The comfortable campings (summer cottages) with all accommodations are situated along the bank of the lake. Enjoy a view of the lake, nature, all modern conveniences and comfort!


Information about camping

Each cottage has a terrace and three rooms: two bedrooms and hall. One bedroom has double bed installed, the other one — two single beds.

Facilities: electricity, WC and shower, hot water, fridge, kettle, wooden furniture, grill.

Family holidays on the nature

Our camping is a great opportunity for parents and children to live in a cottage on the bank of pure forest lake! Next to camping lot there is a specially equipped small beach, and a place for swimming as well. For children there are playgrounds.

Boat rental (boating), fishing

To glide on the surface of the “Juku dzirnavas” lake, we offer you to rent a plastic boat for four people

If you want to boat or go fishing? Use our boat rental. Fishing for our vacationers is for free. Here we have a lot of fish species, the water in the lake is flowing and clean.

Catch of course depends on your purse and success.

Real fisherman or beginner will be able to evaluate our large pond, its area is 0,8 ha and fish species are exotic.

Fish species in our lake:

Bream, carp, ide, pike-perch, whitefish, doctor fish, pike, perch.

Fish species in our pond:

Bream, ide, carp, pike-perch, pike, doctor fish