Wild deer park

Guests of Juku mill are offered an opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful wild animals in Latvia – red deer, as to see them in nature is rare and, most often, momentary fortune. Besides leisure complex, they have been bred in large territory, which is precisely adapted for sylvan animals.

It takes breath to watch red deer, not only due to their majesty. Every season they look different: in autumn and winter they are dun, and in spring and summer – ginger. And their antlers! From touching stumpies in early spring a deer grows imposing prongs until autumn, to fight with their rivals for hinds’ grace! Deer antlers grow apparently – 2.5 centimetres per day, in average!

It may be that in autumn, at sunrise or sunset, repose of our guests will be disturbed by fascinating, even preternatural sounds – deer low is original romance to their ladies and at the same time – challenge to their rivals: if you can do it more mightily, then come to fight; if you can’t – run away as fast as you can! Presence of wild world, its diversity and passion, which is usually hidden from people, is additional present of Juku mill to guests and visitors.